As the cornerstone of some of the most popular constructions of Path of Exile, Plague Bearer is a powerful spell gem. Unlike POE Chaos Orb in the game, Plague Bearer can increase the character's DPS and their AOE. It is useful in many different game situations, but it is particularly valued for its effectiveness in removing monsters. It is also one of the more complex spells in the game, and a basic understanding of its mechanism is essential for players to find a suitable construction.

On the surface, Plague Bearer is a spell that allows players to switch between two different modes, one is to charge the spell, the other is to consume this charge. Specifically, the first mode will reduce the player's poison damage to the enemy while saving some of the remaining poison damage. When switching to the second mode, the spell consumes the player’s stored damage. However, it will not cause toxin damage, but will cause chaos damage over time, and will cause damage in a range.

This not only improves the player's overall DPS, but the fact that the damage is converted to chaos is usually also beneficial. This is because the enemy in Path of Exile is often less resistant to chaos damage than any other type of damage.

Mana cost ranges from 6 for level 1 gems to 17 for level 34-40 gems. The maximum damage of spell storage ranges from 4,000 for level 1 gems to 2,100,000 for level 40 gems. Players who want to upgrade quickly should not only get Plague Bearer, but also collect enough POE Currency as soon as possible.