The PM's plans for the economic revival of the economy and creating thousands of jobs have been met with a great welcome by the people and the money lenders in the country who had almost refused to believe the PM's words and steps. The PM's flagship projects of creating thousands of jobs and reviving the economy have met with mixed response from the common man. However, people have become excited by the PM's plan to introduce the Sakha prabhuvatam, an easy and simple loans scheme that is bound to pull the economy out of its slump. The PM had also announced that the Central Board of Excise and Customs would be replaced by the Department of Revenue which will take charge of the distribution of taxes to both the state and the Central governments.


This is another plan of the government to ease up the tax regime and bring down the sarkari yojana. It has been observed that the citizens of the country pay excessive tax amounts to both the government and the private industries on various essential items including food, fuel, textile items, and other products. The common man is now looking forward to pay a minimal amount of tax on his income so as to avoid heavy taxation. However, the government has failed to realize the situation because the high rate of taxation has created a shortage of finance in the country. To solve this problem, the prime minister has proposed the concept of the sarkari yojana so that people can pay a lesser amount of tax to the government.


Currently, the tax rebate sarkari yojana has not been implemented in the state of Gujarat. However, the state government is planning to introduce the new scheme soon. According to the officials of the Gujarat State Excise and Customs department, the introduction of this scheme will enable the taxpayers to get tax rebate on all their purchases including the purchases made by them in the last three years of income. The introduction of these loans will help the individuals to save the excessive amount of tax and also enable them to get financial help to meet the unexpected