Duel stadium is currently f2p. Can it remain this way with staking really back? My favored the old bone yard is gone. Hope that returns. Do new players understand a few of those old places for battles? Dark castle was vacant. I had a bigger list to, but for some reason am going blank now. Well I am sure different folks might have things as well to RuneScape gold include.

Urns might have a great use this bonus exp weekend. It is rather easy as soon as you log on teleport all your prepeared full urns off to provide you a nice chunck of exp to provide you a fantastic start to the bonus exp weekend. Though you only may have 10 full urns in 1 ability at a time. With 61 crafting 10 Strong woodcutting urns will give you 44887.5 exp. With 62 crafting 10 Infernal urns will give you 50625 exp. Together with 76 crafting 10 Decorated fishing urns will give you 51300 exp. Together with 81 crafting Decorated cooking urns will provide you 41782.5 exp.

Though the exp gains might not be massive 40k/50k exp in ability in a minute is extremely helpful and at current prices 10 Infernal urns will save you 1.4mill at present rates, if you use dragon bones. I'm Falxmaster, and I intend on creating a reality-show kind comedy movie series on YouTube about Noobs, and the title (unfinalized) is Runescape Noobs Exposed, but it seems a little near TehNoobShow's God's Exposed- therefore I am coming up with a brand new name. Watch the rest of the topic for the best way to Audition. You do not have to become a true noob, but in the event that it's possible to act try it out! Not a discussion, just post your view between them both. Discuss adapting to the new style of playing (if you recently joined in the three year break) Talk about the loot gap since new items are added. In general ease of things. And overall fun. I enjoy pking now. Defiantly a lot different from oldschool pking. I used to put on just a coif (looking like a complete noob) snare runes, tele block runes, msb 200 rune arrows range pot and rest sharks and totally dominate. I tried that the afternoon wildy came back with a decent range pure ensemble going on and OSRS buy gold obtained merkled.