As soon as it's the only soccer game currently available on the current market, we weren't too impressed with Mut 21 coins EA Sports' most up-to-date effort in our Madden NFL 21 evaluation:"Madden NFL 21 has all the very same problems because its PS4 predecessor, because it's essentially the exact same game. The presentation has just taken a half-step ahead because of the increase of hardware power, but it has many yards behind the standard now set by FIFA 21 and NBA 2K21."

49ers RB Raheem Mostert needs a speed upgrade in Madden NFL 21

But he thinks he should be rated even greater.

Mostert posted highlights of those 2 runs to his Instagram accounts Saturday, together with a petition to buy Madden 21 coins have his Madden NFL 21 score increased to a maximum mark of 99.