When it comes to Colored Wig, it’s accepted that burgundy, blonde, highlight, red, ash brown are always the mainstream in the field of colorful wig fashion. These colors match different seasons and occasions and make you perfection. In today’s article, we will bring you a stylish lace wig in honey blonde color. As the name implies, Highlight Wig sweetens the mood with honey, warmed-over in blonde. It’s a vibrant, warm shade that perfectly catches the light and brightens your smiles.

What is the Colored Lace Front Wigs
A #27 color hair lace wig is made up of 100% virgin human hair, high-quality Swiss lace, and a wig cap. The hair was handmade tied into the lace closure or lace frontal and cap wig, then they are sewed in together and become the construction of a wig. We call it honey blonde hair lace wig.

Hair types of Colored Lace Front Wigs
There are two main types of color hair lace wigs which are favored by women and recommended highly.

Colored Lace Front Wigs  
It has a Swiss lace size in 13 inches wide by 4 inches deep which makes sure your front head can be covered from the temple to the temple. The lace aligns with your edges naturally to form a realistic hairline. As for the parting, you can part it at will. The straight, body wave, water wave honey-blond hair lace frontal wigs are found at Mslynn Hair Store.

#27 straight lace frontal wig is a simple but significant item, it’s the one that’s easy to maintain and has minimum tangles.

#27 body wave lace frontal wig with the big and loose curls can display your unrestrained trait and make you be the hot woman.

#27 water wave lace frontal wig with the tighter and smaller curls totally makes you look lovely. It’s the perfect option for the style of big hair or fluffy hair.

The advantages of Colored Lace Front Wigs
It is warm, sweet, and supremely flattering on nearly any skin tone concerning the hue. As African American women come in all different shades under the sun, which is perfect for choosing the blonde color to accentuate their features best.

No matter what it is a lace frontal wig or lace closure wig in honey blonde, it will come with the pre-plucked hairline, bleached knots, and delicate baby hair. That makes it possible to form the most natural edges and parting.

The hair is durable as long as you maintain it with care. Here are some tips for your reference: stay away from overheating because too much heat will leave the hair feeling dry; use light hair products on the wig because the blonde wig is more fragile than other wigs, heavy products containing harsh chemicals will damage the hair.

I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit www.mslynnhair.com