During our study, we were able to identify close to 500 players that are engaged in offering pharmaceutical contract manufacturing services. It is worth mentioning, most of the players (174) engaged in this domain offer contract manufacturing services for FDF / fill-finish operations, followed by those offering services for both API and FDF / fill-finish development (144).

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As can be observed in the figure, the pharmaceutical market is currently dominated by the presence of large and very large players (47%), followed by mid-sized firms (42%) and small companies (11%). Notable examples of well-established players engaged in this domain include (large and very large companies, in alphabetical order) Alembic Pharmaceutical, Angelini Pharma, Divi’s Laboratories, Fresenius Kabi and Lubrizol Life Sciences.


It is worth highlighting that, most of the pharmaceutical CMOs are based in Asia Pacific (50%), followed by those headquartered in Europe (26%) and North America (21%). Further, within Europe, most of the CMOs are based in Italy (19), followed by those headquartered in Germany (18), Spain (16), the UK (13), Switzerland (13) and France (12).

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In terms of the type of service(s) offered, most of the companies engaged in this domain offer services for method development, and packaging and labelling (62%, each), followed by those offering scale-up services (58%) and formulation development services (52%). Notable examples of players offering all types of services include (in alphabetical order) AMRI, Altasciences, Almac, Catalent, MiPharm, Patheon and Recipharm


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