4x4 Lace Wig is very popular, and the main advantages of using them are friendly for beginners. Another biggest advantage of glueless lace closure wigs is that you can take them at any time and continue to care for your natural hair. Most women like to buy a funny wig with a closure& bundle, this blog is a distribution guide for 4x4 Closure Wig.


Sewing wig required

Sewing kit

3 or 4 bundles.

Flexible dome wig cap.

wig comb

Pake wig.

Wig belt.

Hair care products.

Step by step description:


first step for 4x4 Lace Closure Wig

Install the wig on a wig holder, in order to simplify your own procedure, people should ensure that it is firm when manufacturing a wig.


Second step

Wear the wig in the model head.


third step

Ready to get it. Check them before they sew them on a hood. You can also fix it to determine how many tracking you need to do. If you are really good at sewing, you don't have to cut away, but you can fold them.


the fourth step

The lace is fixed to the front of the hat with a needle and line. Next, use the wire and the needle to completely stitch it on the boundary.


the fifth step

Starting from the side of the lace closure, sewing your initial trajectory on the hat along the lower edge of the hat. Once you arrive at the boundary and only a small amount of tracks left, you will be tied, then cut off the extra orbit.


Sixth step

Sew a row of hair with your hair.


Seventh step

Secure the wig comb and wigs to increase the protection of wigs. At least, a comb must be on each side of the head.


Eighth step

The wig is almost completed at this point. The BOMB hairstyle is! Use a thermal styling tool to continue to shape it, until the desired appearance is obtained.