Path of Exile has often been lauded as the leader in the ARPG genre, overtaking the likes of Diablo. Path of Exile is known for its difficult but expansive and in-depth systems and engaging content. The developers have provided an update on Path of Exile heading into 2022 as the year comes to an end.

The developers stated that they plan to release the 3.17 expansion pack sometime in February 2022. Therefore, the Scourge League will be extended by two weeks. Fans of the game can expect more details through the live broadcast before the release, including the latest plot of the game and related items such as POE Currency.

The team confirmed that the two-week postponement was to ensure that its New Zealand team can Buy Chaos Orbs and recharge for the coming year. The latest expansion of the Scourge League will be confirmed at the beginning of the next year. The highly anticipated Hard Mode’ will be tested sometime after 3.17 goes live.

Current enthusiasts can try Atlas Invasion, which will continue for several days with the Delirium Everywhere event starting this weekend. Path of Exile Scourge is the latest content of the game released in October 2021. It introduces a lot of content and upgrades to various functions including passive skill trees. Players who want to upgrade quickly in the game need to collect as much POE Currency as possible. At the same time, they can also choose to buy POE Currency.