Is your truck in need of a load lift?


Your truck may squat if you have a camper, a large trailer, or other heavy payloads. Your truck may sway side to side as a result of the camper. If this is the case, Firestone Air Bags may be required. A wireless air compressor system is also installed to allow you to adjust your bags on the fly. Call us right now to get a quote and set up an appointment.

A trailer hitch on the back of your truck can be used for more than just towing; it can also be used to transport coolers for fishing, hunting, or picnicking. They’re also great for getting a good bruise on your shin if you’re not paying attention. You may require a specific hitch depending on what you’re towing. You’ll have to pay close attention to the size of the balls. It’s a good idea to have a few different sizes of balls, though the most common is 1 7/8 inch. A 2-inch or larger ball may be required for larger trailers.

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