Long-range - Expands the distance from which you can shoot but RS gold fires at the same rate as Accurate Style. With Longrange, all the experience you get is divided between Ranged as well as Defence.

If you're at a certain Defence level because you have trained it with other combat stats the best option is to use Accurate style before the level of 10 and then use Rapid after that. It will result in hitting more often in the just beginning to learn and gives you higher growth rates as you become advanced. If you're starting from scratch and would like to get better levels across the board, you must take advantage of Longrange to boost your defence along with your Ranged proficiency so you can wear better equipment.

By leveling up your Ranged skill , you can increase your Ranged Accuracy as well as Ranged Strength. This results in you missing less shots and increases the damage you suffer. The first stat can be increased by advancing your level, using superior equipment, using more powerful weapons, using potions, etc.

The second statistic is determined by the ammunition you have and can be additionally boosted by the Necklace of Anguish and Avas Device. If you'd like to improve your accuracy you should wear more weaponry and equipment. And if you'd like to make more shots, get better ammunition (apart from upgrading your course).

If you are learning Ranged skill, you will be using throwing weapons, crossbows bows, Salamanders, Chinchompas and other weapons which allow you to take out your adversaries in the distance. In this article I'll divide it into three categories based on the stage of OSRS buy gold your skill level currently.