Path of Exile's new expansion pack Scourge introduces a unique mechanism in which players can place items or maps in Blood Crucible. After killing monsters in the nightmare realm, players will get some Scourge rolls and POE Currency with positive and negative effects, and will corrode items in the process.

As the community said, Krangling is a place where the negative effects of damaged items make positive items almost useless. Although GGG has released an update that brings improvements to this new league mechanism, it seems that these are not enough. Players still found some inevitable mistakes in the game, which also had a great impact on their earning POE Chaos Orb.

The negative effects of Scourge exceed most of the positive effects on specific items or maps. Although the recent update has improved map scrolling to some extent, this "band-aid solution" is like the developer just intends to apply a major benefit to the map and complete it.

If some issues are not fixed in the first three weeks of the new league, it is unlikely to change unless the main mechanism is redesigned. The main reason why the Scourge map gets some POE Currency is that developers may not have enough time to remake existing item modules. Considering that the game has three months to release new expansion packs, this is possible.