Through defeating the ghosts of these brothers, players will be rewarded with generous reward in the form of Barrows gear such as OSRS Gold For Sale gold coins, ranes, and other valuable objects. This game is considered to be one of the most effective money makers since it does not require high capabilities and rewards players with a great amount of prizes. If you're interested in learning more about Barrows be sure to take a look at our OSRS Barrows Guide.

Nightmare Zone (Safe). This minigame , also known as NMZ is where you'll take on all bosses from previous quests that you've defeated in your adventure through the lands of Gielinor. The more quests that you've completed , the greater number of bosses you will be able to battle in this location. For the first time, head for Dominic Onion near tower located north-east of Yanille. This is also the best location to practice your melee combat , so be sure you check out the Nightmare Zone guide where we provide details about this game. In return for your participation in Nightmare Zone you can choose various items, herbs and upgrade your gear.

Pest Control (Safe). This is a game for teams which means you'll be working together with others to succeed. In the Void Knights' Outpost you can jump into one of three boats that represent three different difficulties: easy medium , and difficult. Once a certain number of players have gathered on the boat, they are transferred to an island that is infested with pest.

Players have to kill pets and close all four portals that allow them to be spawned. At the same time, they must guard Void Knight who is on the other side of the isle. If NPC succeeds and the portals are shut down, players will be awarded special tokens which can be used to purchase very useful Void Knight sets and weapons.

Barbarian Assault (Safe). At the Barbarian Outpost you can challenge yourself to a group comprised of five players. You'll need to RS 2007 Gold beat the various enemies, including Penance Queen for an reward in the form Honour Points.