You might think that you're doing everything to drive the attention of your brand. You're investing money in Google ads, Facebook advertisements, and even writing content you believe is excellent.

Your site or online store appears clean and attractive However, you're not seeing the results you desire. Your website is often buried in the dark of the internet , and no one will ever discover it. There's a quick and easy answer to how to rank higher on Google and gaining the exposure you want SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

digital marketing company in dubai is among the most effective methods to rank better on Google. If you're trying to take your business up a notch and boost the amount of traffic that you generate This guide written by the best seo company dubai team is for you!


You know the quick answer to what is the most important to getting higher rankings in Google is. You've heard about SEO. What exactly is SEO and how can you use it? Let's get it all down!

1. Improve On-Site SEO

SEO on-site is among the most effective methods of improving your rankings overall on Google. Here are some techniques you can employ to achieve this:


  • Google will consider those words that are placed after the initial keyword as less important, so be sure you include keywords the earliest possible time. They should be included within your tag title.
  • The longer content is more likely to be more popular. It is recommended to write your content at minimum 1800 words or more. The majority of marketers with expertise in SEO can say that they can see a connection with Google positions and the size of content.
  • Google evaluates content based on relevance, as they want their customers to be satisfied with their results. The more relevant information you provide in your blog posts the better Google places your site in its search results. Try to include your keyword at least three times on each blog you write on.

2. Add LSI Keywords to Your Page

LSI is also referred to in the form of Latent Semantic Index keywords, is a sophisticated on-page SEO technique. It employs a sophisticated algorithm that determines the relevancy of your website to the subject you are discussing. If you're talking about travel, then the relevant LSI keywords could be adventure or budget flight or the best destinations to visit, the best places you can travel in covid and so on.


This indicates to Google that you're talking about the subject. The more detailed you are in keywords in your LSI keyword, the more highly Google places your website in their search results for relevance to the subject.


3. Monitor Technical SEO

Making sure that your SEO's technical aspect is in top shape is about continually monitoring its performance. You must ensure that your site is mobile-friendly in particular since over half of all transactions on the internet are made using mobile devices!

What are the aspects of technical SEO you must be watching?

  • Speed of the website
  • The website must be mobile and desktop user-friendly
  • Making sure that everything is functioning on the site in the way it should, for example:
  • Contact forms for you
  • The chatbot
  • Subscribe form for newsletters and any other automations

All of these elements can affect your website's bounce rate. You must ensure the performance of your site is not a hindrance for your users, so that they can have a smooth experience.


4. Match Content to the Search Intent

Google evaluates and ranks your site by how visitors interact with your website. What is the duration they spend on your site? What areas of your website are more likely to attract them and then stay on? If they are satisfied with the information they find on your website and do not look up anything related to the subject following that, Google bumps your site to the top of its search results.

As an example, suppose your blog is about makeup tutorials. You've got an array of tricks you're teaching people how to apply makeup. You think that your article is a hit and believe that it will be ranked on Google because it gives people who are looking to improve their makeup skills relevant information. However, you're not receiving any kind of traffic. This can have an impact on your search engine's ranking.


Make sure you know what people are looking for and aligning your content on that can dramatically boost your SEO.

5. Reduce Your Bounce Rate

Humans are naturally visual. The majority of information we use is visually. Imagine a situation where you're on your mobile and you land on a site which piqued your curiosity. You then see an empty black and white screen with a lot of tiny text and an absence of interaction. You'll probably lose your attention or "bounce".

In a world where competitive landscape is awash and you must be noticed. Pictures are much more likely be noticed than text while videos tend to be viewed than pictures. There must also be content because you can't simply overflow your site with a plethora of videos as it can overwhelm your viewers and cause a higher bounce rate. It is important to the right balance of content.

It is also important to design your pages in a way that the navigation on your site flows smoothly and visitors can easily find the information they're seeking. The addition of a table of content will always help. One way to determine the way people use your site is by using tools such as Hot Jar, where you can assess the way your visitors are making use of your site, employing heat maps.


6. Find the Right Keywords to Target

It is crucial to utilize analytics to identify the most relevant keywords to be targeting. How do you accomplish this?

  • Find the keywords that are driving visitors to your analytics and then try to target these to increase the quality of your traffic from organic sources.
  • Search for keywords with significant search volume. You must ensure that your keywords are able to attract enough users who are searching them. For instance, if your search term is "Chocolate Sachertorte's" and only 50 people are looking for the word on a monthly basis ensure that it's a unique keyword, and it is likely to not have any competition. However, it has a limit of 50 users who can be reached from organic traffic every month, even though you're the only person using the keyword. If your keyword is, "Oreo and Peanut Butter Pie" and there are about 3500 people looking for that each month, it is true that there could be more competition, however the number of people who are that are interested in this particular term is greater, which makes it the best keyword to choose.
  • Searching for keywords with the lowest KD (Keyword Difficulty) scores is crucial in picking the most appropriate keywords. Analytics rank keywords based on their difficulty in ranking. It is therefore recommended to pick keywords with lower KD scores while maintaining relevance in other categories, such as relevancy and search volume.
  • Look for keywords with a high value. Even if you receive lots of visitors to your website, it won't really matter if it doesn't bring your business money, so a important aspect is to locate words with a higher in terms of conversion.


We are aware that ranking on Google might not be like it's as simple as it sounds in light of all the competitors getting onto the bandwagon of online marketing in this day and age. The team of Bold x Collective is here to assist you at throughout the process.

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