When the Path of Exile new league starts, the map on the atlas will change the region. Therefore, if the player wants to move on, they must convert the old series to the new series. If you don't know that this problem exists in Standard, even if you click the "Convert" button, you will not be able to convert the old map to the new map. The developers of Grinding Gear Games knew about this issue for a long time, but they didn't fix it until recently.

The functionality of this type of storage has now been changed to resolve this issue. The first map store purchased by the player will automatically be converted to a map series that supports the current league. Assuming that the player's repository is not empty when the new league starts, all maps stored there will be changed to "delete only". Don't worry, they will get a new version set to the latest series.

If the player still has at least one non-delete-only storage set as the current series, he can only change the series on the map storage. This means that if they only purchased maps, they cannot set up map storage to store old maps. If the player does not Buy Exalted Orbs, if their only map stash is just to keep the old map, they can contact GGG and ask for a refund.

Most buff modifiers can no longer invert buff effects. This fixes a bug where the vibration effect may be reversed, causing players to be completely immune to damage. Fixed the bug that the expedition NPC could not be dismissed from the hiding place. Fixed a bug where changing the guild hideout and then switching to the new hideout atlas would not save the changes. Fixed a visual error where the cry of the army would briefly turn your character black when used. In addition, on the occasion of Christmas, POECurrency is issuing discount codes for various POE Currency. hurry up!