Whether purely aesthetic, to get more comfort in the game or to improve gameplay in raids and arenas, Additional Addons are very important for WoW Burning Crusade Classic Gold players. Here we look at the most important.

First of all, to manage add-ons, we recommend that you install an add-on manager:

Corsforge Most popular: it has a good database and works together with Overwolf, it doesn't have access to the TukUI database so avoid it if you are a user of Elloy For your interface, unless you install it manually.
WoWup: A very convenient equivalent, Overwolf does not require and has access to the TukUI database.
Update: Perhaps most famously, it has a very basic interface and works in open source, specifically access to the TukUI, WoWinterface and TownlongYak databases.

Interface addons

And Yura: Swiss army knife add-on, customize your interface, configure visual and / or audio alerts on certain shifts in PvE like in PvP etc… the possibilities are endless and without a doubt the plugins.
Elloy: A very popular accessory that offers a complete overhaul of the interface and lets you customize everything if you take the time to configure it well.
Plate nameplate: Allows you to customize the life bars of allies and enemies.

Addons for Raid and Dungeon

Dbm / BigWigs: To select people according to preference, it is possible to have boss spelling timers and voice alerts, i.e. BigWigs requires LittleWigs accessories to function in the basement.
ThreathClassic2: A table that shows the current threat to your target, useful for not exaggerating spells and drawing back aggression from your tank.
Details / recalculation: Damage Famous Damage, Can be applied to view your DPS and HPS and their distribution. The details let you see a lot of other information like kicks, wastage, death summary, etc., but it is heavier than a recount of the country of origin.
Timer weapon: A blade that works similarly to a speed accelerator to show slowed white shots.

PvP Addons

Sword / Sarin: An arena targeting add-on, showing you its diminishing control and advantage over your enemies.
Omnibar: This accessory is used to track the slowdown in your opponent's spells. Very useful especially for karate counter if you play caster / healer.

Convenience Addons

Atlas: A library of sample maps as well as site headers.
Classic Lotte Atlas: Library raids, pvp, reputation, etc.
Auction: Add Auction House Add 3 tabs to facilitate its use. Also allow hv to scan prices in the item tooltip.
DejaClassicStats: The basic character sheet shows quite a bit of information, and this appendix fixes that.
Forums: Add a recorded location of the plants and minerals you find and show them on your map. You can also download the filled database.
Insanely simple accessory that combines your bag and bank into one inventory.
Questy: Basic pex attachment, showing task location, objective, level, etc.
Post Letterbox plugin allows you to open all your emails simultaneously, quickly loot by clicking the shift key etc.

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