At the beginning of the adventure, the characters ability value will drastically decrease to a minimum sixty points. Enter college, participate in the G-League, or directly join the NBA? Once they have officially entered in the "My Career" mode players will be presented with the decision of "enter the college to 2K22 MT play in the league", "participate in the G-League" or "participate in the NBA draft."

If you choose to take part in the NBA and you are a member, you cannot be admitted into the university once more and can't participate in the G-League or if you choose to participate in the G-League, you can continue to participate in the NBA after completing a season, but you can't take part in an NCAA league. If you decide to go to a university where you are able to play all three options.

So, if players wish to get the most experience or wish to test the strength of the character itself, it is recommended to select the college league at an early stage, then G-League and then the NBA. If you successfully win the college championship, not only will the player earn an additional badge.

This will also guarantee that the character can be eligible for the first stage of the NBA draft, which also implies that the player will be a part of a stronger team and earn a greater salary per contest (VC Coin) as well as an increased chance of making the playoffs and winning the title.

If they are successful in dominating in the school or G-League, the character can be granted additional powers. Develop your interest "My Image" to attract sponsors. In addition to Buy NBA 2K MT Coins the capability parameters, the character will also have more "My Brand" values? For example "fashion" as well as "music".