We will often see the athlete or the movie star in the TV screen, but return to real life, the problem of 4x4 Lace Wig entanglement will often appear around people. We need to do the right thing to prevent and clear tangle, which helps your hair appearance.


The reason for 4x4 Closure Wig entanglement:


Over-use hairdressing products can cause entanglement. Hair plastic and Mousse and other styling products increase the frequency and quantity of hair entanglement


A large number of exercise may also cause hair entanglement, because the 4x4 Lace Closure Wig will also form a lot of knots as moving when you move.


Take a wig to sleep directly: especially after a night. When you turn over on the pillow, your hair tends to be tangled together.


How to Stop Wig Tangling


Cleaning wig. Using good shampoo and conditioner usually helps to eliminate entanglement If you can't clean and adjust the tangled hair, it is important that the products you purchased are not alcohol, because alcohol will make hair.


Sign wig. Use a width comb to make a wig. Do not use ordinary comb or brush to modify or comb. Gently comb your wigs and avoid hair breakage.


For close curly hair, the finger is snulk and move it by rubbing between the fingertips. This may release the actual entanglement.


Don't wait any more, you will be tangled when you simply deal with any knot in the curled hair wet, you will realize how much you actually fall off.


Prevent hair entanglement skills:

Before going to bed, the hair is built into a braid, or wrap the hair with a silk cap can prevent your hair worse.


Our last suggestion is: Investing two wigs in the case of conditions. When you wash, you can wear another or ready. In addition, you will extend the service life of each wig and they will remain very well.


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