The 13x4 Lace Front Wig is not a small investment. Therefore, customers will care about how long it can be used, and this article discusses this universal issue.


How long can the wig last?

How long can the 360 Lace Frontal Wig last, this is not exact answer, in general, the use time of human hair wig can be more than half a year, depending on your lifestyle (care extent and wear frequency) and 360 Lace Wig own type and quality.


  1. For lace wigs, frequent wear and removal wig will affect the life of the wig, because the adhesive needs to be used when installing the wig, while the adhesive is adhered to the lace, if the lace wig is removed It is not very good to remove the adhesive or glue, the lace will be damaged, so it will affect the next use.Howener,Headband Wigsare durable in some extent.


  1. For Example, different types of wigs are not very different, such as full lace wigs VS lace closed. The full lace wig covers the complete lace, and the material made of lace is more refined and more fragile. Therefore, in the same time, the full lace wig is more susceptible to damage, and its life is usually relatively short.


  1. Different quality wigs are also different. 100% human hair containing a complete keratin layer is more durable than a wig without a complete keratin. Some affordable human hair wigmay be made by real human hair and synthetic fiberhair. Therefore, its quality is lower than the quality of 100% human hair.


  1. The life of different hairstyles will also be different. Take short straight hair and long scrolls, short straight hair is more easy to care and sort out, and it is not easy to entangle the light, so short straight hair life islonger than long curly hair.


  1. In addition, your daily environment will affect your wig life. Protect your wigs from unnecessary overheating orsmoke or similar external environments.Remember, any environment that harms ordinary hair will damage 100% human wig hair.


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