This error in QuickBooks occurs when something gets corrupted, infected related to QuickBooks software. This issue is vast, and knowing its cause is essential to troubleshoot it. Therefore, one should know the soiled areas in the component, program, or file before solving the error.
The error code initiates that the program's manufacturer or application can misuse the data. So what are the resons of QuickBooks Error 404?
  • Installation remains incomplete
  • If your system has a virus or malware, it makes the windows corrupt and arises QuickBooks Error 404.
  • Windows registry gets corrupted when installing or uninstalling the software.
  • Accidentally deleted files related to QuickBooks.

Basic Cause  of  getting QuickBooks Error 404

There can surely be more than the reasons mentioned above behind this Qb Error Code 404, and the fundamental reason to be discussed is- corrupted windows or data.

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What to do When  error Message 404 Shows Up

The message shows up when installing QuickBooks software. Windows act uncasual and whether it restarts or shuts down. Hence, note down or search the cause whenever you encounter this error, essential for troubleshooting the problem.
The runtime error, error 404 in QB, occurs due to many factors, so we need to confirm that one particular reason to confront the problem as it comes. So you need to fix every possible cause of an error. If you follow the below troubleshooting process, you will surely overcome the errors.

Troubleshooting Procedure to Fix QuickBooks Error 404

  • Log in as admin on your PC.
  • Check the Internet connection of your device
  • Open internet explorer and an open site that may ask for internet connection as your bank site.
  • If you have an internet connection issue, contact your IT person as it is a connectivity issue, not a software drawback.
  • And ensure, internet explorer is your default browser; if not, you can reconfigure it
  • Change settings for QB internet connection.
  • Go to help and open Internet Connections setup.
  • You need to select the 'use my computer internet connect setting' and default to QuickBooks as it needs internet access.
  • Click' next' and click 'done.'
  • After this, you need to reset the settings of QuickBooks again.
  • Repair the registered entry that is associated with an error.
  • Undergo proper scanning to editing malware or infection in your system.
  • Clean all the junk files and dump off the temporary junk files immediately.
  • Performing these steps if you feel that you made a mistake. You need to visit Windows System Restore and perform 'undo' to all the settings you did.
  • Update your system drives yet again.
  • Try to uninstall and then, therefore, reinstall the programs related to the QuickBooks.
  • Run the Windows System file checker.
  • Update the windows to the latest version.
  • Run the clean installation of windows.

After performing these steps, you need to recheck the error status. The error might probably resolve, but if it doesn't, you need not worry and have to contact our QuickBooks Helpdesk at 1.800.579.0391.

QuickBooks is here in your service to solve all your issues related to software.


We discussed QuickBooks error 404 and its leading causes. We also mentioned every possible solution to the problem to help you out with the corrupted reasons. Stepwise step procedures are written in the log so that you can overcome QB error 404 as soon as possible.