These Middle Part Lace Wig wear are very comfortable, and you can wear a wig for more than 6 weeks, we tell you how to install a wig.


Prepare all the necessary items required to install the Lace Front Middle Part Wig:(Scalp protector, adhesive, brush, got2b, elastic strap, scissors, etc.)


Weaving natural hair: Put your natural hair into a braid or ponytail, or wrap it or curly it to smoothly secure the Middle Part Wig. Make sure hair is put on the head flat.


Wearing a fake cap: If you need it, you can wear a wig cap to protect it from the effect of the liquid binder.


Trimpet: You need to cut off excess lace from your wig. Please don't cut the lace until you are satisfied with the lace wig.


Clean forehead: make sure your forehead is clean. Clean the scalp region with a scalp protector or 99% of isopropyl alcohol.


Installing a wig: Wear all lace wigs on the head, and draw the contour of the wig hairline on the forehead with the eyebrow pen.


Applying a layer of binder on the edge of the hairline with a finger or a smooth makeup or brush. If necessary, apply a layer of adhesive in your hairline to firmly secure the fake. Waiting for a period of time to completely dry the binder. Put the wigs neatly on the head, slide the comb on both sides to ensure that the wig is very fit, slowly put the lace on the glue, work, then use a mouse head to press the lace into the glue. Then, the baby's hair is combined back, and then the wig is firmly pressed on the adhesive around the head.


At least 24-48 hours should be careful not to wet the wigs and avoid a lot of sweating.


Finally, the hair is separated in the middle direction and iron each part accordingly, ensuring that the edge of the wig T portion is covered.