Hey all, Firstly, thanks for your patience whilst we were further exploring the large level potion changes. After monitoring player feedback in and from the match, we won't be making any further changes to OSRS gold the potions released a short while ago. They'll stay from PvP situations.

Why was not this done before release/done so quickly post-release? The potions were analyzed and balanced ahead to some degree that we were happy with their effects. It was just after tracking combat post release on a large scale which we could observe the randomness of strike chances were effected in a negative manner. Together with the increased amounts"beneath the hood" so to speak, the randomness of hitting vs not hitting in a fight between otherwise buffed players had tipped in a direction we didn't intend. Because of this, more players may have lost a unfair struggle from the start. This is something we'll look to rectify in the future together with the battle system changes.

Why not allow them in PvP but create the tradeable? A fair point, but we need these potions to only give benefits to players that have trained to the levels themselves. This is still the case, as those people who have coached gain advantages in PvE situations.

Is not there also an issue in general by Hitpoints and Max-hit? Yes. Another reason that was considered in the removal was that a few weapons gained capability to 1-hit a player, or obtained closer to doing this. Whilst this occurrence is rare, it didn't mean it wasn't possible. In reference to Hitpoints and Max-hitting, we'll look to deal with this in regards to buy RuneScape gold this battle system changes and possibly looking closer in the Defence skill.