In some cases, no matter how you care about your T Part Wig; there will still be some uncontrollable factors that cause damage. This article is a revive of your wigs and makes your synthetic wig or human hair shiny and healthy.


Apply shampoo and rinse it


Shampoo effectively removes excess oil and dirt from the wig. This nourishing shampoo makes your wig soft and adds a beautiful shine to it. It also helps in revitalizing the natural look of the wig.and prepare for T Part Lace Wig and make it perfect. Use cool tap water and rinse hair; do not blot, Wring, Rub, Or Scrub When Washing or Drying.



After cleaning, you can use conditioner to adjust your hair. Use specializers for synthetic wigs and hair wigs. First, your wig should be placed on a wig head for use. If you find that hair shiny is lost, you can restore it by re-applying the color of the device with natural organic products. Combined with a soft spray with an appropriate amount of Moroccan nut oil; apply the mixture in an affected area; avoid too much or close to any hand-tied lace area. To maximize the effect, let them stand for a while. At this time, your wig should be restored to the initial gloss.


Start unwilling entanglement:

Divide the hair into a small portion, start the combining process in extremely messy regions;

Divided into a small portion allows you to have more control over this area and do not apply too much pressure on your hair when brush/comb. You can comb your straight hair with a finger or a wide comb. IF Possible, Use low-temperature air Dry for human hair or synthetic hair wigs.


Self-desired style wig:

After completing the above steps, we can use the thermal protector spray to protect your hair from heat damage, and add curly hair to your hair with a curler.


I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visiting