Bearings have a long life, and the maintenance is different, the length is also different, so what is the reason for the life of maintenance-free bearings ?

The life of a maintenance-free bearing depends on many factors: bearing material, bearing accuracy, bearing lubrication, working environment, etc., and lubrication can be said to be a key factor in determining whether a bearing is maintenance-free, as the blood of the human body. Conventional grease bearings, depending on the working environment, the duration of the lubricant varies. Such as high dust environment, frequent water washing environment, etc., due to the harsh working environment, the grease will quickly dry out or emulsify, which will cause the bearing to require frequent lubrication and maintenance, and the concept of maintenance-free bearings will no longer exist.

There is a special maintenance-free and dust-proof bearing in China—plastic oil-bearing. It is a scientific and technological product using microporous polymer lubrication technology. It is a polymer body containing saturated lubricating oil and filled into the bearing All remaining space of the. When working, the polymer material releases lubricating oil to provide the least and most efficient amount of lubricating oil for the bearing; when the work stops, the lubricating oil is absorbed into the polymer material for storage under the action of capillary force.

From the point of view of lubrication, maintenance-free bearings have become a reality. It is better to maintain the universal joint cross yourself.