The developers of Path of Exile continue to add temporary leagues to the main game. After the Perandus mechanism, the next old league will be eliminated. In the next patch, the action RPG Path of Exile will lose a function that has existed for five years. Because the developer has revealed that the league mechanism will be removed from the game: Predictions.

There are too many useless Predictions, and the lucrative Predictions as a task chain repeatedly require low-level areas, and many players say it is too annoying. In the upcoming patch 3.17.0, Prophecy will therefore disappear from the game, just like Perandus in patch 3.16.0. Starting from 3.17.0, the silver coins and seal predictions will be deleted from the player's inventory and treasure chests the next time you log in. And players need to POE Items Buy in the game as much as possible.

We found it useful to keep certain unique destiny items in the game. In these cases, although we disabled unique destiny items, we changed the respective base unique items to make them feel the same or similar to the old version of destiny items.

Of course, this huge turmoil has brought both good and bad. For example, players complain that important unique items will be removed if they cannot be provided in other ways. Joy ensures that NPC Lilly Roth can be placed in the player’s hiding place, and she will manage the divination cards in the future. The advantage is that Predictions is already an outdated mechanism, and it is useless for game updates. In addition, players who want to buy POE Currency can choose POECurrency.