A video can be a great way to live your wedding day, but hiring a good wedding videographer can give you a gift you're proud of, or make all the difference between shooting a poorly distorted movie. Maybe it will work better in the trash. Knowing what to hire can be a little tricky unless you know in advance what questions to ask. With that in mind, here are 5 questions to help you choose the best Sydney wedding videographer.


Can we watch the video?

You can put together some of the best shots from different weddings, but ask to watch a full-length video of them. Ask to see it in the privacy of your home too, so that the wedding videographer can't interfere and influence your decision. If they don't agree, leave.

what is your style

Ask what genre of video they can shoot. Now the two main genres are short (usually romantic) or long (usually documentary). Short videos last from 10 to 40 minutes and capture only the essence of the day, which often includes a party with romantic music. A longer video can run from 45 to 90 minutes, and is a more detailed description of the day's events.

What did you say?

Sound quality is most important for enjoying videos and audio interruptions when they are muted or distorted. Good wedding videographers will have microphones inches away from the sound source, even if it means 6 or more microphones. Ask how many microphones they will use and expect to hear the answer "for as long as necessary."

how many cameras

When choosing a longer video format, keep in mind that the wedding videographer will use at least three cameras. The groom's favor, which really embraces the bride's best views and close-ups. One of the groom's sides covers the guests; And third, back to get a comprehensive overview of the operation as a whole. At least two cameras must be mounted on the stand.

Don't forget to ask how many photographers there are. When you ask this question, you want two people to answer it, because it is a good number to cover all aspects of marriage without any problems. It would be very stressful for a photographer to be here alone, there and everywhere, really impossible. The two people working on the camera need to be able to communicate with each other (possibly wirelessly) so as not to miss any important, funny or very moving moments.

What to do if the weather is bad?

I have heard stories where the videographer failed to come because it was raining and they did not want to risk damaging his equipment. Okay, with high-end equipment, I can understand that, but an experienced wedding filmmaker should be ready with rain cover for each camera. In the event of strong winds which may muffle the sound, each microphone must have a fur cover.

Finally, don't leave the videographer's reservations to chance. A good photographer will be booked for the coming months, so make this hiring one of your top priorities. By following these guidelines, when choosing a Sydney wedding videographer, you will be rewarded with an unforgettable memory of your special day, which will bring tears of joy for many years to come.