Cash App allows users to add money to their cash app account. You can add money to the Cash App by linking a bank account or a debit card. You can also add cash by visiting a store near your place. These stores such as Green dot, Walmart, and Walgreen serve and help users load the cash app card. However, sometimes users face the issues of Cash App add cash pending. Many users complain why the Cash App is pending

So if you have issues in adding money to the Cash App account, it can be due to the below-mentioned reasons. You must know the exact reasons why you are having this problem. After understanding this issue, you will fix it and successfully add money to the Cash App account. But let's first of all, understand the reasons behind the Cash App pending

1.Using low-speed internet or the wifi connection: For utilizing the Cash App, you need to connect your device with high-speed internet. If your wifi or internet is running slow, then you will face the Cash App add cash pending issues? So before proceeding to add money to the Cash App account, you need to check whether your internet is working or not. 

2. Bank's server is not responding: Sometimes, the bank's server does not respond to the Cash App due to technical reasons. This can cause a pending payment issue on your cash app account. 

3. Cash App card not working: If you are adding money to the Cash App account by a linked cash app card. You need to make sure that your Cash App card is working and has not crossed the expiry date. If this is the case, you should immediately link a new debit card with the Cash App account. 

4. Entering the incorrect credentials: Sometimes, users hurry and enter the wrong details while adding money to the Cash App account and loading the cash app card. You should always recheck all the credentials you enter to avoid Cash App adding cash pending