After entering December, New Jordans Release 2021 will officially come to an end. Today, after Quan Zhilong's joint name PEACEMINUSONE x Nike Kwondo 1 opened the exclusive right to purchase, the heavyweight joint names of this year's sneaker circle have all appeared. Looking back on the whole year, although the sneaker circle has been much bleaker than in previous years due to the impact of various factors such as the epidemic, there are also many boutique joint names that have left a strong mark this year. Recently, the editor summarized and selected the "2021 Joint Sneakers" based on market prices, design specifications, rarity, popularity and other aspects. It has to be admitted that the Nike camp has overwhelmed other brands with an absolute number of advantages, and the dominant position of the sneaker circle is still difficult to shake. The rankings are in no particular order, and see if there is any difference from the answer in your mind!
Trophy Room x Air Jordan 1 DA2728-100
The Trophy Room, run by Jordan's son, is one of the world's top sneaker shops. Every time a joint name with Jordan is released, it must take off. This year, the Chicago Air Jordan 1 was directly selected as the prototype, which is already the highest standard treatment of the joint name. It is limited to 12,000 pairs and is blessed by many gimmicks. It is definitely a strong contender for this year's shoe king. Because the quantity actually sold is very small, and it is not sold in China, it is hard to find a shoe in China now, and the price can only be checked on overseas platforms.
Supreme x Nike SB Dunk Low
In recent years, Supreme and Nike's joint names have selected some unique and extremely niche shoes. This year they even brought SB Dunk Low, and also launched four color combinations in one breath. The golden five-pointed star on the shoe body pays tribute to the 2003 Supreme x Dunk Hi, restoring a generation of god shoes, and it is also the main reason for being ranked in the top ten joint names. In the beginning, the market price was basically above 10,000 yuan. Although it has fallen a lot now, it can be regarded as a rare high-priced sneaker this year.
Travis Scott x fragment x Air Jordan 1 DH3227-105
The 2019 first-generation Barb Air Jordan 1 turned out to be the shoe king of the year. After two years, it has directly attracted the trend godfather Fujiwara Hiroshi's tripartite cooperation, and the heavyweight is even better. It's a pity that Gaobang didn't sell on a large scale in China. There were only a few surprises. The exaggerated market price was even nominated by the central media and some platforms were taken off the shelves. The gold code has exceeded 20,000. Even the low gang has a market price of nearly 10,000, and the high and low gangs are expensive in the first generation. In terms of popularity, they definitely have the strength to compete for the annual shoe king again.
Comme des Garçons x Nike Air Foamposite One DJ7952-100
In the past few years, Nike's bubble spray series was once the darling of the sneaker circle. In the past two years, although the popularity has plummeted and the good-looking color schemes have become less and less, there are still many loyal fans. This year’s joint name with Comme des Garçons is not a small surprise. Rei Kawakubo’s minimalist style coupled with a new-textured foam shoe body, seemingly little changed, and drastically made the whole pair of shoes both familiar and fresh. The sale price of up to ¥4199 is almost the most expensive price of Nike sneakers in recent years. It is jokingly called the "Can't afford the original price" series by netizens. Fortunately, the premium is not high, and some sizes are even lower than the original price.
OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 2 DJ4375-106
Compared with previous years, this year's OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 2 looks slightly inferior, but the sudden death of Virgil made it the last pair of shoes sold when Virgil was alive, which is self-evident. The crazy increase in market prices caused some trading platforms to directly remove the white and red color scheme. I only hope that these shoes will not become Virgil's swan song. It is best to arrange the many OFF-WHITE x Jordan shoes that have been exposed before!
OFF-WHITE x Nike Dunk Low “The 50” DM1602-001
OFF-WHITE x Nike Dunk Low "The 50" is definitely another precedent created by Nike and Virgil Abloh in the sneaker circle. 50 pairs of colors are directly produced, and they are sold in the form of exclusive purchase rights every day. The death of Virgil gave this series a sad color. Some netizens commented: "I finally understand why Virgil made the "The 50" series." Maybe I want to leave more works in this world! LV, OFF-WHITE and Nike’s three-party joint Air Force 1 may debut in January next year. Rumor has it that there will still be dozens of color matching designs, which will surely set off a storm at that time.