Azure AI Fundamentals: What You Can Do With Microsoft's New Technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that has rapidly grown in importance and popularity. It’s created new opportunities for humans to interact with machine learning and solve problems in ways we never could before. One of the most recognized AI companies is Microsoft, which recently introduced its new Azure AI Fundamentals course to help developers get started with building AI-based apps and services. These are some things you can do with Microsoft’s new technology, Azure AI Fundamentals.

Learn About Azure AI Fundamentals Certification?

Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals provides a hands-on introduction to the field of Artificial Intelligence. It’s designed for developers who are new to AI and want to build their knowledge with Microsoft’s toolsets.

Developers will learn how to use AI technology in order to solve day-to-day tasks that were previously hard or impossible for humans alone to complete. This includes things like computer vision, speech recognition, machine learning, and more.

The course is broken up into three modules: Computer Vision, Speech & Language Understanding, and Machine Learning. It’s meant for people who don’t know where to start when it comes to building an AI-based app or service using Microsoft technology.

Additionally, Azure AI Fundamentals is affordable for any budget! The course is offered as a monthly subscription that costs $25 per month—or just $5 per month if you pay annually. You can also receive a 50 percent discount by paying with an Azure bundle purchase of $100 USD or more.

Why Use Azure AI Fundamentals Dumps?

At TestsExpert, Microsoft has introduced its new Azure AI Fundamentals course to help developers get started with building AI-based apps and services. It’s free to take the course, which covers all of the fundamentals of AI—including theories, design principles, and intelligent analysis.

The training helps you understand how machine learning is used in business today and teaches you how to build your own tools using Microsoft’s cognitive services. You’ll also learn how to integrate these tools into your own applications or service.

The course has three sections:

· The first section is Introduction to Artificial Intelligence. This section provides an introduction to how artificial intelligence works on a basic level and what it means for businesses today.

· The second section is Building an Intelligent Application. This section shows you how to use Microsoft's Cognitive Services APIs to create intelligent apps that can identify objects in photos, voice recognition, emotion analysis, speech transcription, language translation, etc., making them easily customizable for any business needs.

· The third section is Developing Intelligent Applications with Microsoft Technologies. It introduces some of the key technologies for developing intelligent applications including Azure ML Studio, Visual Studio Code, GitHub Desktop for Mac OS X or Linux, Python 2 or 3.

How Does Azure AI work?

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform and service. The AI Fundamentals course is designed to help developers use Microsoft’s Azure AI technology to create AI-based apps and services.

Developers can now easily build applications that offer intelligent capabilities like speech recognition, vision processing, and natural language understanding. Azure AI also includes tools for data science and predictive analytics.

With the new course, developers will learn how to use Microsoft’s framework, cognitive services, and languages to build their own AI solutions.