All You Need to Know About the Cisco 700-805 Exam

Are you looking for an exam to validate your knowledge of Cisco's networking technologies? Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the different exams that are available? Could you use a little help deciding which exam is right for you? If so, then this blog post will give you everything that you need to know about the Cisco 700-805 Exam.

Here, we'll discuss the exam's benefits, drawbacks, format, and who should take it. We'll also provide practice materials to help prepare for the exam. So read on to find out if this is the certification exam for you!

The Cisco 700-805 Certification Exam Dumps

The Cisco 700-805 exam is the perfect certification for someone with a basic understanding of networking. It's also a great starting point for anyone who wants to enter the IT industry.

A few of the exam topics include network design, network implementation, and troubleshooting. The exam can be taken either in English or Japanese.

Benefits: One of the most beneficial aspects of this exam is that it focuses on general skills that are applicable to many different industries. This means that even if you're not specifically working in IT, you'll still be able to apply your knowledge in your current profession. Another benefit of this certification is that it's accepted by many employers all over the world.

Drawbacks: One drawback to this exam is its lack of specialization; it covers topics related to many different industries rather than focusing on one specific area like security or wireless networking. This makes it difficult for some students because they might find themselves lacking in knowledge about some topics covered on the exam.

Format: The Cisco 700-805 Exam has two separate sections, each containing 50 questions and lasting 90 minutes total. The first section covers networking technologies while the second section covers typical business applications that use networks.

The Advantages of the Cisco 700-805 Exam

The Cisco 700-805 is a step up from the 600 series. This certification makes it possible for professionals to build upon their existing knowledge of networking technologies. The 700-805 exam is also an important prerequisite for other certifications, including the CCNA Collaboration certification, which is designed to validate knowledge in the field of collaboration technologies.

The format of this exam includes multiple-choice and simulation-based questions that cover a broad range of topics in networking. It also includes time limits for each question and an overall time limit that reflects exam difficulty and content coverage.

The Disadvantages of the Cisco 700-805 Exam

The Cisco 700-805 certification exam is designed to test the skills of network engineers who are looking to validate their knowledge of Cisco's networking technologies. The exam is not cheap, costing almost $300 USD. Additionally, the 700-805 certification exam takes 1-2 hours to take and has a high failure rate. That means if you don't study hard enough, you may not pass it on your first try.

The Format of the Cisco 700-805 Exam

The Cisco 700-805 exam is a ninety-minute, closed-book examination. It includes 45 multiple choice and four short answer questions. You'll be graded on a 100-point scale, where a score of at least 750 is required to pass the exam.

This exam is specifically designed for those who have already taken the following exams:

- For CCNA Routing and Switching: CCNA 640-802

- For ICND1: ICND1 640-822

- For ICND2: ICND2 640-816

Cisco 700-805 Exam Benefits

It's worth noting that this exam is designed to test your knowledge of general networking concepts as well as Cisco technologies. These include LANs, WANs, routing protocols, IPv4 addressing, IPv6 addressing, access control lists (ACL), network address translation (NAT), and more.

Who Should Take the Cisco 700-805 Exam?

The Cisco 700-805 exam is a good fit for those who have some experience with Cisco networking. Certification is also a great option for those who need to validate their knowledge of Cisco's networking technology.

This exam is recommended for the following individuals:

* Network architects and engineers

* Network administrators

* Network technicians

* Trainers and educators

* Data center managers and engineers

* Sales professionals with responsibility for data center sales and solutions