About UAE

The United Arab Emirates is a sovereign country in Western Asia. The economy of UAE is considered the most diverse in the Gulf Cooperation Council, while its most popular city of Dubai is a global city and global aviation and marine trade hub. The country is less dependent on oil and gas than in earlier years and is economically concentrating on the travel and tourism industry and other businesses. 

ISO in Dubai is considered as one of the best for increasing the trade and revenue to the nation. So as UAE believes every industry activity would need to evolve a part of these standards because is it a management system standard. Getting a Framework standard in the UAE is justifiably the best for the industry of any business.

ISO 22000 Certification is for Food Safety Management System and is majorly used by the organization that is related to the Food industry. There is a report that has positioned the UAE relatively high in food safety and protein quality, placing the state 32nd worldwide and third territorially.

The food safety management system is regarded as one of the best in the world as it takes into regard the best practice method from around the world. The UAE is very inclined to establish food safety on risk analysis and assure those safe and healthy foods are not disapproved based on insignificant reasons. This Standard guideline has an enormous impact on food safety and security as it does not result in wasting food unnecessarily.


What is ISO 22000 Certification

ISO 22000 Certification in Dubai sets out the conditions for a Food Safety Management System and can be certified to it. It determines what the industry needs to do to prove its capability to manage food safety hazards in demand to assure that food is safe and healthy. It can be utilized by any industry nevertheless of its size or position and nation in the food chain.

Becoming certified to ISO 22000 authorizes an organization to deliver to its customers that they have a food safety framework set up. This provides customer trust in the product and the services provided by the organization. This is turning out to be more significant as customers require safe food.


Key benefits of ISO 22000 Certification

This standard includes and addition the major features of ISO 9001, the standard for quality management systems, as well as hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP), a preventative method to food safety.

1. Lowering food safety hazards and cost.

2. Observation with legal and key principles.

3. Lower risk of liability.

4. It has an auditable worldwide standard.

5. It has worldwide exposure.

6. Fewer misconceptions and customer objections.

7. Encourage international trade.

8. It enhanced industry obligation protection.

9. It has improved review and inspection quality.

10. Continual improvement in products & processes.

11. Competitive benefits in the marketplace.

12. It enhances organizational stability.

13. Intelligent resemblance inside the company, with outside organizations, customers, and providers

14. Resource optimization of the food chain.

15. Endurable food safety performance.

16. Improves consumer/supplier/regulator trust and relationships.

17. The medium for process and administration control and improvement.

18. The resemblance to the built-up Quality Management system, for example, ISO 9001.


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