when we found out that T Part Wig launched their re-install installation services, we had to find out all of the details. Your style may not last too long, when you have worn a few wigs, it may be to reinstall the wig. Yes, you read to learn how to reinstall the wig correctly.


How to reinstall the lace front wig

Clean wig before installation:

If you want to reinstall the T Part Lace Wig, clean the natural hair and wigs to keep the hair fresh, the hair starts to completely blow dry a wig, because anybody doesn't want to wear a wet hat.

At the time of cleaning, the first thing you need to do is to remove the glue residue from the t lace wig as possible. This makes the lace wigs are more natural and easy.


  1. Prep your own hair by braiding it to a ponytail or cornrows, then wear a wig cap to hide your own hair, and create a smooth flat surface.


  1. brush some liquid foundation on the wig cap which makes the color coordinate to your skin color.


  1. Dab alcohol along your hairline to clean the forehead and skin to increase the adhesive power and hold of the wig.

Place the T Part wig on your head, adjust the strap to make it secure to your head. Not too tight nor too loose.


  1. Trim excess lace. If you don't want the wig to cover your ear. Use a mouse head to separate the hair from above the ear, and then start cutting off the excess lace around the ear and the hairline.


  1. Secure the wig and glue it under. Place glue along the edges of your stocking cap at your hairline. Be careful not to let your hair touch any glue,  make a clear hairline suitable for your forehead.


  1. Add alcohol on a towel and carefully dab around the edge of the hairline to remove any excess glue and then style the hair which you like.


  1. Finally, you can add hair conditioner or trim your hair according to your own preference. then, you’re ready to flaunt your new look!


I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visiting www.ruiyuhair.com.