Although Grinding Gear Games announced as early as 2019 that they will launch Path of Exile 2, it seems that since then, the progress of Path of Exile 2 seems to have been in a tepid state. This is not only because the game team has to launch the quarterly expansion in Path of Exile on time, but also because of the terrible impact of COVID-19 in early 2020. These factors prevent players from enjoying the joy of Path of Exile 2 early. They continued to use POE Currency in the expansion at that time.

Now, the free action RPG sequel has resurfaced with a new trailer and a new 20-minute walkthrough. In the trailer about Path of Exile 2, players can see an alternative way of fighting and better animation display effects. Many fans said that its appearance refreshed their traditional understanding of POE Orbs.

The complete twenty-minute walkthrough also detailed the structure of the second step of the game and showed the new spear and cross weapon category. The spear provides players with mobility skills, allowing them to enter battles to gain damage bonuses, and cross gives players the ability to customize attack skills with bolt skills and gems. In both cases, the battle seemed very influential, and the graphics upgrade did not seem to force Grinding Gear Games to fight at once.

The details in the video are more than reasonably mentioned in the personal posts of some players. According to the game team’s comments, they are likely to release the Path of Exile 2 beta version first in 2022, and interested players will find that once POE 2 is available, Diablo 4 will suffer a strong shock. Players who continue to want better achievements in the sequel need to buy more POE Currency to achieve this goal. Good luck to them!