Desert Safari Dubai

Desert Safari Dubai is most popular fun activities place in Dubai Tours. You can also do Desert Safari with your family members. The city of Dubai offers the splendid 'Desert Safari'.

Interesting facts about Dubai desert safari

Interesting Facts About Dubai desert safari such a journey includes desert adventure, camp food, belly dance, camel ride, coffee-tea etc. and many more. Foreign tourists are crazy about it. The sunset view in the desert is also very nice.

Desert 4×4 Safari Camp & BBQ Dinner

In Desert Safari a variety of desert 4×4 safari camps and BBQ dinner are also arranged on a large scale at different pakages. The camps provides a lot of facilities to his visitors includes a chance to enjoy a dance and musical parties. These camps and BBQ dinners also provides delicious food of this era. Most of the camps have special deal of enjoying free camal riding.

There are type different type looks of  Desert Safari .

  1. Desert Safari at Morning
  2. Desert Safari at Evening
  • Desert Safari at Over-night


  1. How Desert Safari looks at Morning:

               As we know, Life today is very busy. Many of the people cannot be a part of Desert Safari at evening because  of their busy working routine.  But Desert Safari at morning also provides a great source of entertainment . Its times vary according to the company pakages. The biggest advantage of Desert Safari at morning is that it is useful for those people who do not like outing at night. People who take part in the Desert Safari at morning also enjoy camal and Sport-Bike ride.


  1. How Desert Safari looks at Evening:

             If you want to keep life as a wonderful memory. You must do this activity of Desert Safari at  Evening. If you visit Dubai, be sure to organize the fun and excitment of Desert Safari at Evening. The view of sun setting in the sea of desert is very captivating. Enjoy camal rides in the presence of sun light. People also enjoy Delicious BBQ and Shisha. The belly dance of Arabian tunes makes environment joy-full.

  1. How Desert Safari looks overnight:

                 If you participate in the Desert Safari at overnight, be sure to bring a sleeping bag and blanket. Over-night Desert Safari  will give you a chance to see nature up close. One of the great advantage of Desert Safari  overnight  is that, when you eat dinner you can sit separately and feel the gusts of wind.  If you take a camera with you on this trip then nature can make the scenery a memorable part of your life. The view of the rising sun in the desert of Dubai is an amazing and wonderful.


Dubai's Hot Air Balloon And Dessert Safari is fantastic, you can also enjoy

Dubai's Hot Air Balloon And Dessert Safari is fantastic, you can also enjoy People who are fond of traveling are always in search of thrill, fun and adventure. Some people are very fond of boating, wild safaris, hot air balloon rides and dessert safaris. Although many places in the world are famous for these things, but today we are going to tell you about the hot air balloon and dessert safari of Dubai. Dubai is the perfect destination to enjoy these two things. Apart from this, you can enjoy your weekend in Dubai to the fullest.

Adventure of Desert Safari Dubai

If you do not enjoy Desert Safari by going to Dubai, then your going there is useless. For adventure lovers, Danger Safari is no less than a roller-coaster ride. You can also enjoy camel ride on the rates grounds. The fun of roaming here in the camel and in the dessert safari is something else.

Here you can also enjoy the adventure of air safari with the help of hot-air balloon. You can see the beautiful view of the whole of Dubai from the sky. There is also a hot-air balloon function once a year in Dubai, which many tourists come every year to see. Therefore, if you come to visit Dubai, do not forget to take an air ride.

Here Jumeirah Beach is considered to be the best beach in the world. The Burj Khalifa can be seen clearly from Dubai's Madden Jumeirah Beach. You can also enjoy the massage by sitting on the beach. The beauty of this place makes the tourists crazy about themselves.