Oracle 1Z0-063 Exam Preparation: The Best Study Guide For Passing the Test

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What is Oracle Database 12c: Advanced Administration?

Oracle Database 12c is a relational database management system designed for real-time applications. Oracle Database 12c was released in March 2005. It is offered in 2 editions: a Community Edition and an Enterprise Edition. The Community Edition is designed for hobbyists and small businesses.

Oracle Database 12c is meant to provide a common database for real-time applications, where the single database is updated in real-time by changing the virtual data tables that are created at run-time.

After an Oracle Database 12c installation is complete, the database administrator uses the database to manage real-time applications such as banking transactions and online games, e-mail, and tracking of people and vehicles. Information Technology is a field of study and a profession that deals with data. The core idea of information technology is to protect data from its current form to a new and better form. Oracle Database 12c is powerful database software that can handle complex information. The main task of the Oracle Database 12c is to provide organized storage for structured data in a reliable manner. The total output of Oracle Database 12c is a tree structure, and each node has its individual attributes, dependent on the context in which it is used. If the metadata is lost or destroyed, then the integrity of the whole data structure is compromised. The core idea of Oracle Database 12c is to maintain the structure of data through its history.

Who Should Attempt Oracle 1Z0-063 Exam?

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