You Have More Concern About Wig Investment and Energy, IT Is More Durable. You should follow some simple skills to take care of your 4x4 Lace Wig. You can extend the useful life of true hairs by tips below:


  1. Rotate your people send a wig. Don't wear the same wigs, often replace it.

If you have at least two 4x4 Closure Wig to choose from, you will get wear resistance and convenience. This means that take turn to use wigs, which will at least This will reduce the wig half wear, thereby increasing the time of each wig.


  1. Cleaning wig

Wear 8-10 times, cleaning your human hair Closure Wig. Clean or rinse all personally or hairstyle before wearing it. Always keep mild, pay attention to boiling water when cleaning, which may damage your cover. If you are not sure when cleaning your hair, the easiest way is that when you see the hair, you need to start the hair.

When cleaning your hair, don't use and clean the same shampoo or conditioner as natural hair, this is undoubtedly unreasonable, using wig special shampoo products to extends your life to some extent.


  1. Combwig

If it is straight hair, gently brush the wigs in the back of the width to detangle any knot. If it is a curly hair, simply use your finger to pass the finger through the hair.


  1. Wind dry wig

Blowing a hair dryer with a hair dryer might brittle the hair, sputching the wigs on a wig frame is naturally drying is the correct way to extend the life life.


  1. Store them properly.

You must store it in the right way! When you sleep at night, wearing wigs may lead to torn and shorten the useful life of wigs. The best storage method of wigs is to invest in a wig furnace, and appropriate storage is conducive to keep the wig shape and style. At the same time, in the storage of wig, avoid the impact of high temperature, moist, and strong light.


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