2022 will be an epic year for action RPG, as the showdown Diablo 4 and Path of Exile 2 showdown is coming. In order to better operate the game, players can POE Items Buy in advance.

The trailer and walkthrough of Path of Exile 2 focus on the second of the seven planned behaviors. Players travel through the desert with the help of a huge caravan of nomadic tribes to hunt down their enemies, which is also the main center of the behavior. Finding that their path passes through the blocked mountain pass, the player needs to fight through the tunnel network to the gatehouse to open the door and continue chasing.

This shows some new weapon types. The spear has built-in movement skills, and the displayed skills allow the player to charge to increase damage or sprint to avoid damage. This works well with the basic attack, a series of quick pokes and then pushes again. Hold your position to get the maximum damage, or avoid the midway combination to avoid the enemy's telegraph attack.

Judging from the fact that the player’s health often declines, mobility will be the key, especially when fighting against the displayed boss. A huge rock monster shook the loose ceiling, letting more sunlight into the arena and creating a safer standing space, as well as tanning work. It also shows some interesting enemy types, such as giant mountain crabs disguised as falling boulders, and then they will get up to chase the player.

After reopening the mountain pass and arguing with The Perennial King, the villain who seems to be the recurring behavior, the player will get another four missions in different locations, which can be performed in any order. Players first go to the Mastodon Cemetery, where they must fight a group of necromancers who are summoning undead servants throughout the stage. The above is the relevant content of Path of Exile 2. In addition, players can choose POECurrency to buy POE Currency.