Hello guys, today I am coming back with a new blog on English literature. Poetic devices are the tools that help to make writing very interesting, convincing, perfect tone and impressive, etc. 

Why are Poetic Devices necessary in writing or academic writing?

It has a great role in writing or life both. because it helps writers to evoke emotional things. Make writing very interesting, it found that essay writing content likely not considered very much as both like funny plus informative content, I feel it help us to refresh the mind.

some types of poetic devices you can use in your academic writing


One of the most popular poetic devices which are known for the repetition of consonant words. 

Example: Killer Kangaroos Kick Koalas.


Smilies and metaphors are not too much the same but both compare two opposite things. In which simile includes words "as" and "like". 

Example Smith looks like a fairy tale.


When we give human characteristics and feelings to nature, non-living objects, and animals. It is also a powerful storytelling tool to create imagery and fantasy in readers' minds. 


It is used in books, stories, songs, poems, and films, etc it is near to same as a simile.  

Ironic Expression 

It is a decent poetic device. In which two conflicting thoughts are assembled.

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