Business Card If you can't see character, you might have to highlight your text with the title, okay, but I can see mine fine. Just drop this down and this window appears, okay? Fonts, this little icon here, or this little button here, is the fonts that are on your machine, okay? You'll have some, okay. This one that says find more, is a magic button. Click on it. Cool thing about them is that this is looking at Adobe's, not your fonts, okay, and they have loads of t hem. Now if your internet connection is super slow, mine's reasonably slow and it keeps up okay. If yours is super slow, or you're offline, this feature's not gonna work, okay, cuz what it does is you're gonna pick a font, and it's basically Adobe gonna download it for you. So, couple things, you can just hover, you can see, let's pick that font there. Can't even pronounce that font, so I'm going to work with Free Business card Abolition, did I say that right? [INAUDIBLE] I can say that one. Okay, so you can move through these fonts, and it's cool? These are just fonts that you're allowed to use commercially, on the house from Adobe. Cool? The one thing to note is, see this one here, Abigail? You can see it's not appearing, what's wrong with it? It's that same problem. Can you see my little plus there, it means that this box is not big enough, that font is just ginormous. So, we go back into it, I made the box is bigger and I go in Find More. Yeah fine, there we go, you can see it fits now, so I can see it. So let's make sure the box is big. I love Abril, Abril Fatface, you don't need to do anything, just hover above them. If yours is not working, it means your internet connections are super slow or you're not logged in to your creative cloud account. If that's true, it's either using an early version of Indesign and this doesn't exist, or I go into Help, okay? You can see in my case I am logged into my account, okay? If yours says log in, it means it doesn't know who you are, and you should log in, and try to remember that Adobe password that you've forgotten, okay? Business Card Design So just make sure you're logged in, and this stuff will work. So to activate the font, so Find More and you could scroll through here to get a font to work. And let's pick one crazy font that's easy to see. No way, Jose. Okay, I feel like that's, it's on the cover of lots of like tourist magazines, all right? Discover Southeast Asia or New Zealand or Australia. Anyway, what you can do is you can click on it, okay, and it just downloads it magically in the background. And it's ready to go. Cool? If your Internet connection, again, is real slow it'll take a little bit of time but it will download eventually. If it's still not working, like this interaction's being blocked by a firewall at work or something, you can go to, and you can get them that way. And it's