According to professional piano players, piano is not played by fingers, it is played by one’s mind. Waleed Naeem Is a professional piano player. A child born with a dream to become an artist started of his career at the age of 9, In an interview Waleed Naeem told that he learnt playing piano from the most successful and professional pianists of that time. He was taught only one thing that he must not touch the keyboard until he is sure of things.

Waleed Naeem’s life was full of hardships and suspense, he went to many professionals and every teacher had his own philosophy but he was intelligent enough to judge what was best for him and then he made a goal for his success that he is not going to touch the piano until he plays the whole notes in his mind, hence he had to be mentally strong as well. During his practice session he realized that he won’t be able to make it up so he decided to peruse his career in IT and he successfully became a Computer Software Engineer.

During studies Waleed Naeem still did not left hope and along with his studies he gave proper time to his practice. Waleed Naeem made more than 100 piano covers which he kept on uploading on You Tube during his studies and at that time by seeing the response of his audience, he realized that this is it, he can do it!

After the completion of his studies Waleed Naeem released two songs “Kuch Na Raha” and “Rab Day Lekh” which were distributed by an American Company “CD Baby” on more than 120 platforms, like Spotify, Apply iTunes, Sound Cloud, Google Play Music, Tiktok, Insta Reels, Amazon, Hungama and many more. The release of these songs made his career and now he is loved by his fans and followers.

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