A musician is a person who expressed his thoughts and feelings in songs. A melody of songs conveys thousands of feelings. Rhythms of music can make us happy or sad instantly.

A good music can lift our mood and could combat depression. Combined with the feelings you must have a sharp mind and the ability to convey your music in the form of music efficiently. Hence, being a musician is not as easy as it seems.

Only a musician knows the battle he fights making the ideal sound. Waleed Naeem is a young pianist who struggled so much with his music knowing nothing where all his hard work would take him. Playing piano is an art. He had this artist hidden himself since when he was so little.

At the age of very less as 9 his little hands started playing with the keys of piano. With the passage of time and taking classes from many professionals he got a grasp on it.Waleed Naeem released more than 100 piano covers during his studies on YouTube which made people know his talent.

Being in this career you never know whether you are going to be known because of your music. Facing a lot of breakdowns and not quitting. Waleed Naeem released two of his music videos on YouTube. His first song was “Kuch Na Raha”. He further enlarged his music circle to 126 other music platforms. He introduced his second song “Rab Dy Lakh” and loved by the audience. Now his songs are listened and loved by many on spotify, google play music, Hungama and many others.

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