Being a musician especially in Pakistan is never easy. Like any musician in Pakistan would attest, becoming known in the industry, let alone establishing a successful career, is an uphill struggle.  Pakistan's music industry a helpful place for young and upcoming musicians. "The old-school mindset that music is not a serious career still exists." it is not easy for everyone to make a successful career in the industry.

Waleed Naeem a 27-year-old young musician lived in Rawalpindi city of Pakistan. This young boy started his struggle with a very young age of only 9. 9 years of age he first started playing piano. With the passage of time as Waleed Naeem started developing so much interest in music. He decided and he knew what he wanted in his life. He got this dream of being a musician at very small age and he made it his goal. He started learning it professionally. He took classes. First, he learned the Indian classes music after that he also learned the western piano style. With the increase in his learning his aim to achieve his goal also increases.

Being in Pakistan music is never considered as a serious profession in the society. So, with the craze of music he also had to keep his studies alongside. Waleed Naeem became a computer scientist, but this was not where his heart belonged. He always wanted to be a musical artist and he also tried his best to be the one. With the studies he never stopped working on his music too. He also kept on making and uploading his cover songs on YouTube alongside on YouTube.

After uploading hundred of songs on YouTube Waleed Naeem finally decided to make his own song. He launched his very first song “Kuch Na Raha”. He realised YouTube is not the only place to get his music known. He expanded his reach. He uploaded his song on other 120 different music platforms i.e. Spotify, Google Play Music, Tiktok, Amazon, Insta Reel, Hungama. An American company “CD baby” also distributed his song. With the success of his first song he decided to launch another one. His next song “Rab Dekh Ley” is loved by the people as well. This song is also distributed by the same American company “CD Baby”. This is only the start of his musical career. There is a lot to come.

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