Waleed Naeem, A Musician (pianist), A singer, A composer and Software engineer as well. He started his musical journey just in the age of 9 when he gets his first piano. He was so into music even in that little age. He started to take classes. He took some classical Indian musical classes after that he also learned to play western piano. He kept his studies alongside, but he knew what he wanted to be. Waleed Naeem always wanted to be the part of the musical world. This little boy in Rawalpindi kept struggling to achieve his dreams and never gave up.

Being anywhere in the world, becoming an artist needs a lot of struggle, it includes many and many failure and only the one who stick by the idea of achieving his dream at any cost is the one who could be renowned one day for his music.

After 18 years of constant struggle and uploading hundreds of cover music he finally uploaded his own music. His own personal songs. First, Waleed Naeem launched his very first music “kuch na Raha”. After this he expanded his music to spotify, apply iTunes, Soundcloud, Google play music, Tictok, Insta reels, Amazon, Hungama and many more. This song is also distributed by an American company “CD Baby”. The success of his first song made him made another song “Rub Dekh Ley” which is also distributed by the American company “CD Baby”. And here his musical career continuous with many more songs to be coming in future.


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