What do all of the best pianists in the world have in common? According to research we can find a handful similarities in them. Piano players are practice diligent and their lifestyle shows attention to detail in everything. It’s hard to practice on daily basis in a busy routine. Waleed Naeem is a professional pianist born in Rawalpindi on 5th November 2021. He completed his journey to become a pianist with many difficulties and hard work, he faced many challenges but he had personal fortitude and work ethic to deal with any difficulty and to practice it until he doesn’t fix it.

Even though Waleed Naeem was a student but he focused to work around the clock and gave enough time to hi piano lessons every day. During his studies and learning stage he was capable of releasing 100+ piano covers which were later highly viewed by people on YouTube and many other platforms.

One of the teachers of Waleed Naeem in an interview said that he became a professional pianist just because of his consistent practice. After his studies he started learning wester piano and Classical music as well. He then released two songs “Kuch na Kaha”, “Rab Dekh Ley” which were loved by people on many platforms such as You Tube, Apple Music, Google music and many other platforms as well.

He is now a successful pianist and a musician as well who is loved by his fans and followers and soon we will come to listen more of his master pieces.

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