Piano playing is not a skill; it is an art which can be adopted by passionate people only. Waleed Naeem who was born on 5th November, 1994 in Rawalpindi is the biggest example for us. An 8-year-old child came up with an initiative to become a pianist, at this age child either play games or watch cartoons but Waleed Naeem was not a common child, his parents sent him to many professionals and experiences piano teachers from where he started his career in this field.

Waleed Naeem faced many hardships in his life, at the age of 18 he lost hope in piano as he was not getting any recognition in the market so hi focused towards his studies and became a professional computer software engineer. During this time period he recorder over 100+ piano covers which he kept on uploading with time. Some of his covers got monetized as well.

While he was doing his job some rumors were created against him that Waleed Naeem left playing piano, but who knew that something big is going to come. The release of “Kuch Na Raha”, “Rab Dekh Ley” on more than 120 platforms distributed by an American Company “CD Baby” made his life. People enjoyed it on Spotify, Google Play Music, Tiktok, Amazon, Insta Reel, Hungama and many more platforms.

At that time people came to know that he did not left his hope and he was continuously working hard to succeed in his life and now Waleed Naeem is loved by the community and his fans.

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