Waleed Naeem was born in Rawalpindi on 05th November, 1994. He is a pianist who gained his skills from many renowned music teachers in Rawalpindi, he became a student at the Academy of Arts in Rawalpindi – One of the best institutions at that time. Waleed Naeem established himself as one of the top pianists and an excellent composer of Indian Classical Music.

Waleed Naeem was making progress in his career, he became a professional pianist and also knew playing Western Piano as well. It did not take long for Waleed Naeem to become a celebrity after the release of his songs “Kuch Na Raha”, “Rab Dekh Ley” on more than 120 platforms, distributed by an American Company “CD Baby”. People enjoyed it on Spotify, Google Play Music, Tiktok, Amazon, Insta Reel, Hungama and many more platforms.

Back in his career there were times when he gave up because piano playing is one the most difficult art to learn, just to save his career Waleed Naeem also studies IT and is a professional Computer Software Engineer but he never left hope in Piano Playing, he kept on making piano covers along with his studies and he have made more than 120 piano covers which are uploaded on his YouTube channel. After years of hardships and hours of practice “Waleed Naeem the Pianist” came into existence and won the heart of his fans and all other music lovers.

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Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/shaikhwaleed/