Colorado Hail Solutions was founded with the belief that all vehicle owners throughout Colorado deserve to be proud of the appearance of their car. Our offer is simple. We will pay your insurance deductible and remove every single dent caused by one of the many Colorado hail storms we see every year.

For some time the common way to get rid of dents was by pulling the dent out. You would have to drill holes into the dented location and utilize a Resource to tug the metallic again into form. Then you really would need to grind the holes down and utilize a body filler to sleek them around. Following that you'd probably repaint the broken location and that is among the greatest negatives to this procedure. A paint occupation which was put on by the maker is of really good quality. It is almost not possible to copy it without the need of having it back to the company. So you should be left with a bit of car that was of course repainted with inferior products.