Finding good cleaning suppliers near me is not easy given the limited choices I have. My local area is small and only has one main road. There are a few factories in the surrounding areas but no decent entry ways or public parking. Finding a supplier that will do a good job with affordable prices is tough. I have had people try to sell me cleaning services when they don't have the proper permits but they always go away with items they can't remove and they don't return the invoice.


My problem is similar to many others who are not able to find the right supplier. There are many others like me. They search for hours on the internet but end up frustrated because they can't find what they need. I am also not the cheapest business in the area so I try to negotiate with the person. But the more they try to talk me down on price, the less interested I am in them as a business.


Sometimes I have a guy come in and do an inspection and give me a price for a month of cleaning services. This is very helpful because I know I'm getting a good deal. I have seen other businesses where I have been offered a business at a much higher rate. The key with this option is being persistent. You don't have to make a deal that you're not comfortable with. But if you find something that seems okay and you think it might be a good option, make sure you ask the person to repeat it.


A great tip for business owners is to always look into cleaning service contracts when you are cleaning homes for someone else. Sometimes they might require a certain type of cleaning product. Maybe they only allow certain carpet manufacturers to use their products on their carpets. Always ask about these things so that you are sure you are getting a good deal.


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