I am looking to build as many SEPARATE objects as possible without taking away all. Based on what I've read curtains can be OSRS Gold constructed with eight ghostly shadows. If you decide to go with one, the curtains completely cover the eight shadows. I've also heard that there are three chair spots in the parlour. However, most guides do not mention "chair (x3)" as hotspots. That's what I am trying to locate.

I want to maximize my experience using as little of the raw materials that I can. It might be easier to identify the places with multiples of one another and how many (if there's only one). It would be helpful to know the details of each room, which could help the site be more user-friendly. However, that is not my intention. I'm looking for this information to improve my gaming experience.

Respectfully, you could be correct or incorrect with regard to the details I have on chairs. It lists six types of parlor chairs in the book. The amount of construction spaces is not mentioned. I have not been able to locate any information about things like dining room benches and the chairs for the parlor. However, I have seen curtains that operate throughout the room and not just in the areas.

Can anyone to solve this puzzle? I'm also trying to find the number of individual spots (3 spots for building chairs, 1 spot to build a curtain one table, two benches 3 decorations, etc.). I haven't access to the website as of yet, therefore I am unable to find it. But, I'm planning to become a member in the future and I would like to know much each raw material costs. Since no one has an in-depth guide, it is difficult to locate the information.

Either my information or the manual is not complete. Either way, I would like help determining the cheapest and Buy RS Gold most effective way to gain levels in construction without breaking down the same item over and over and over.