Lets say you've acquired multiple items from OSRS gold the mini-game and are ready to leave. You may be wondering"Well if you aren't allowed to teleport out of this mini-game area, how can you escape? Well from the list of your acquired items your aims and your thieving stove meter, there is a button that says"exit match".

When you press this button it will tele port you back to the main building were you can bank all your items which you stole from various players throughout the game. Well that explains the fundamentals, in case you have any questions, ideas or comments, please post them in this subject.

Sure you will find regular dragons and metal dragons and those are challenges to a people. There are Fiends that are elemental, but maybe not dragons! So here's my thought for the Elemental Dragons. (I will try my best to describe, sorry, no photos. Use your imagination)

Looks white and a small opaque. It mainly utilizes Wind Blast on you, so be certain that you have Protect from Magic on. Once defeated, it consistently drops Air Runes, which range from 50-150. For buy RuneScape Mobile gold Magic, it's weak against Earth charms and resistant to Fire charms. For Ranged, it's weak aginst Quick and resistant to Accurate.