You might have noticed that OSRS GP this is my very first posting on this forum. I've been playing Runescape for quite some time in the past. Long enough to know the pleasure of plowing into in the wild and tricking novices into purchasing bronze blades for $3k ().

Today, however, runescape has changed drastically and is extremely limited, as we all know. Im reffering to the 10th of December Wilderness and Bounty Hunter changes and the 2nd January Unbalanced Trade changes.

I could go for hours about how it sucks and the many things that i cant do any more. I'm really interested in knowing what can be done. If you feel that another "pay to play pk" riot or "world rowdy riot" is the most effective option, contact me to discuss what I can do to assist you. If you think that the only option is to just accept it all and let it work itself out then thats what ill do.

What I'm really seeking is a innovative idea that hasn't been tried. You can accomplish anything. Give me something I can try before i give up and quit running. I'm sure that you'll come up with some great ideas. I am looking forward to writing in the future. Okay, I thought it was time to look into the benefits of the Bless dragon hide Coifs, and a robin hood hat and here they are (Taken from Wikipedia.)

While the coifs have more than a one-point attack however, they still cost 3 million for the hat. Are you referring to the exclusivity of the hat, or even its design?

I'm not a pro here. I was once rich and wealthy at 250k, but now have less than 1k. I'm trying to sell 4k willow logs on the Grand Exchange, but it isn't selling after a week. It happens with lobbys too, even at the lowest price. I'm F2P.

Air running isn't an rs3 gold option for crafters because they provide less than 1k. The price used to be more than 2k. Merchanting was clearly a failure. It is probably not a good idea to sell things at Grand Exchange because nobody really uses it for buying things. Mining takes too long and slaughtering cows for cowhides will take too long also, and no one will purchase the hides. If you've got any tips or techniques, do share them here. I would like to make between 10-30k per day.